Love is a vampire’s greatest weakness and we are not weak.
We do not feel and we do not care.
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His Ice Bucket Challenge Did Not End Like All The Rest, You Gotta See This


To all the Ice Bucket Challenge haters out there.

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made some more. hope you’re amused. 

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make me choose » anonymous asked Klaroline or Forwood

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Hollywood Klaroline AU: 3/3

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I intend to be your l a s t

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c a r o l i n e in every episode | LET THE RIGHT ONE IN,1.17

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The world may disapprove
But my world is only you
And if we’re sinners then it feels like heaven to me
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We have powerful friends. You’re going to regret this.

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caroline forbes in every episode
↳ 1x16 “There Goes The Neighborhood”

"You don’t get it. Why would you? You’re everyone’s first choice.” 

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